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Firefox Send free file transfer service now available for all

14 March 2019

Files sent this way are end-to-end encrypted and links can be set to expire so there's no risk to security. As before, the system is designed as a one-to-one or one-to-few sharing system: Any files uploaded are encrypted such that Mozilla can't view them or disclose their contents to anyone else and expire after a time limit or user-selected number of downloads - up to 100 per file - is reached.

One of the differences is that Firefox Send doesn't have any paid tiers-it's completely free, whether you send up to a 1GB file or log into your account to send up to a 2.5GB file.

"Now that it's a keeper, we've made it even better, offering higher upload limits and greater control over the files you share", Nguyen wrote in a Tuesday blog post. Send also lets you configure auto-expiry settings for the link. Finally, you can set a password of your choice for access to the file.

After you click the "Select files to upload button", you pick the file you want to send from your local machine.

Transfers of 1GB will require you to register for a Firefox account but don't worry, that's free and you don't need to have Firefox as your default browser.

The new service is also a workaround for sending large files over email, which take up storage space, and can jam the recipient's inbox.

Mozilla touts Firefox Send as focusing on privacy and uses encryption to protect files.

Below: Mozilla's brief video demonstrating Firefox Send.

Firefox Send is now available through the web portal, but Mozilla said the service would also be available as an Android app in beta later this week.

Firefox Send is now available on the Web at, and it works for both sender and recipient on any modern browser, not just Firefox.

Firefox Send free file transfer service now available for all