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Some schools will allow students to strike for climate change

13 March 2019

Vivanco supports the strike but points out that most Burlington and Vermont legislators are progressive and are already doing work on climate change.

"Our students are demonstrating leadership and passion when it comes to tackling the issue of climate change, and they deserve our full support", said Fall River teacher Kurt Ostrow, who recently introduced a new business item supporting the climate strike that the MTA Board of Directors passed unanimously. "We can not teach on a dead planet". In Massachusetts, they are taking place in several communities, including Boston, Amherst, Barnstable, and Great Barrington.

"Students throughout history have been a critical driving force of social movements".

In Sweden, a teenage girl named Greta Thunberg observed the actions of the Parkland students and took an action of her own: deciding to skip school every Friday in order to lobby the Swedish government into action on climate change.

The organizers of #Friday forfuture want to make on Friday so comprehensive worldwide school strikes for the climate on the legs as never before. Middle- and high-school students, however, will receive "unexcused" absences for the periods during which they are out of class on March 15, as is mandated under state law.

He said the students wouldn't be sanctioned.

"What we want is more learning in schools and less activism in schools", he said. Thousands of students have followed her example ever since.

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'I'm appalled that this teacher, while being paid by the taxpayer, has sought to undertake political activity, ' Mr Stokes said.

American teen Kate Anchondo, who is organizing a school strike in San Diego, California, said: "I am anxious, and angry that we let it get this far". But we encourage families to talk about their schools' policies on absences, as well as the importance of being respectful and constructive if they choose to participate in activities. But the one thing we need more than hope is action.

Thunberg says even if young people put pressure on adults, it is up to world leaders to make changes now that her generation can inherit.

"I$3 absolutely understand and expect the next generation to raise what is the biggest issue facing them globally".

"We applaud the strong leadership shown by young people in advocating for a safe and healthy future for everyone".

"Too often we make this assessment that to make an impact we have to be of voting age".

"Climate change is a really urgent issue and we've only got to 2030 to avoid catastrophic climate change".

Some schools will allow students to strike for climate change