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Nancy Pelosi takes Trump impeachment off the table: ‘He ‘isn’t worth it’

13 March 2019

"This is kind of fantastic", said the co-host of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" during a discussion of Pelosi telling The Washington Post, "Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there's something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don't think we should go down that path, because it divides the country".

"Speaker Pelosi thinks 'he's just not worth it?' Well, is defending our legal system 'worth it?' Is holding the president accountable for his crimes and cover-ups 'worth it?' Is doing what's right 'worth it?'" Steyer said.

Although Pelosi said she believed it would be too divisive to try to impeach Trump, she characterised the president as unfit to hold office.

The claim that "he's just not worth it" is particularly weird - impeachment is the ultimate sign that someone isn't worthy of the powers of the presidency.

"I'm not for impeachment", she told the publication.

As Speaker of the House, she appears to be reigning in control of House Democrats, positioning herself strategically. "No, I don't think he is", Pelosi said. There are only 47 Democrats in the current Senate (counting the two independents, Angus King and Bernie Sanders), so at least 20 Republicans would have to vote to convict Trump.

Contributor Yamiche Alcindor suggested the idea of Pelosi saying "that guy in the White House, I'm not anxious about him, I'm doing my own thing" has "to drive the president nuts". If Trump were impeached, it would mean half of the nation's last four presidents would have been subject to what traditionalists say should be a last resort.

Pelosi was noticeably warmer toward the younger generation of congresswomen during the interview, remembering the full name of the Green New Deal (which she'd previously dismissed as the "green dream, or whatever") and expressing "awe" at "the way they balance family and children and home". But much of what it contains may already be public knowledge, and with Pelosi's comments about the impeachable nature of what is already known, the conclusion of the report may be undermined. "And he's just not worth it", Pelosi told the Post. "And he's just not worth it", Pelosi said.

Technically speaking, "impeachment" is the process by which the House of Representatives decides that the Senate should officially consider removing the president from office.

"You don't eliminate bigotry by dealing with it in a politically expedient way, you have to take it head on and we can do this", Mr.

Rather than ignore the obvious - which is Democrats have backed off impeachment because they have come to realize evidence does not support it - Fandos and others sought to keep hope alive. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-N.Y.) said on "Meet the Press" in January that he believes impeachment "is certainly not appropriate right now".

A successful impeachment would begin in the Judiciary Committee, then make it's way to the Democratic-run House.

Despite a growing chorus of senior Democrats faulting the president for tearing down US institutions and even going against the rule of law with his attacks on investigators, Pelosi portrayed USA institutions as intact.

"If he's not, and he's actually not interested in policy, then she'll unleash the political Kraken on him, and he will suffer daily from the congressional hearing rooms to the polling booths over the next 20 months", Williams said.

"If they're going to win in 2020 it'll have to be that approach again".

Nancy Pelosi takes Trump impeachment off the table: ‘He ‘isn’t worth it’