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Highland MP renews calls for a People's Vote on European Union membership

13 March 2019

The Prime Minister's plight was the delight of Twitter as users took to the platform in force to mock the embattled leader as she tried in vain to persuade MPs to back her deal.

Yesterday Theresa May's Brexit deal was met with resounding defeat in government with 391 votes against and 242 votes for, a majority of 149.

"Allowing a free vote on no deal shows Theresa May has given up any pretence of leading the country".

Asked if Labour would push for another motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister she said it was "something that we may consider in the future".

"MPs now need to rule out no deal as soon as possible and, after two-and-a-half years of failed negotiations, making Britain a laughing stock, it is time for a public vote".

The former Conservative prime minister said he backed Theresa May's attempts to secure a deal despite her second overwhelming defeat in Parliament on Tuesday night.

Under the no deal plan revealed this morning, 87 per cent of products would be subject to zero tariffs in an effort to stop price spikes and kick-start trade with Britain from across the world.

There were 75 Tory rebels - down from 118 last time - as well as all 10 DUP MPs. "That's why MPs must reject this deal today", the politician noted.

Heidi Allen MP
Heidi Allen MP

Mrs May declined to do so, sticking by her deal as the best way to Brexit, but added money had been made available for no-deal preparations.

A delay to the March 29 departure date is now nearly certain.

Speaking in Strasbourg, where the European Parliament is gathering for a debate on Brexit ahead of the next European Council summit, the EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier said: 'Again the House of Commons says what it doesn't want.

But Corbyn made no mention of a second referendum - which the party is theoretically committed to supporting if it can not secure a general election - in his remarks after the vote, and hardly referred to it in his earlier speech in the Commons debate, it noted.

What isn't clear is how the prime minister actually intends to dig herself out of this terrible political hole.

"I've always supported the Prime Minister in her attempts to have a close partnership deal with Europe and she continues to have my support", he told Sky News.

Boris Johnson is among leadership candidates sizing up their chances.

Highland MP renews calls for a People's Vote on European Union membership