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Ex-Hillary Adviser: Trump Impeachment Might Help Democrats

13 March 2019

Pelosi and other House Democrats have argued that Trump's emergency declaration, which he is using as a way to spend more on barriers at the border than Congress has authorized, violates the Constitution.

GOP senators are hoping that if Trump endorses that bill, more Republicans would oppose a separate resolution, set for a vote Thursday, that would block the border emergency he proclaimed last month.

After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) declared she's "not for impeachment" following the growing interest on the topic among her freshman Democratic colleagues, President Donald Trump is showing his appreciation toward Pelosi's remark.

In an attempt to stave off Senate passage - an embarrassing prospect for Trump - Republican senators have been pushing an alternative measure that would instead address concerns that Trump's powers under the National Emergencies Act are too broad.

Pelosi's move seemed aimed at persuading GOP senators wavering over the resolution disapproving Trump's border emergency that they would get no political protection by supporting the bill curbing future emergencies because it will never become law.

"I'd be really surprised on an outright vote that there would be votes to defeat [the disapproval resolution], but I think it might change a number of votes", said Thune, the No. 2 Republican in the Senate. Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Rand Paul of Kentucky.

White House tries to avert Senate defeat on border emergency
Sen. Mike Lee says President Trump refused his ultimatum — so he's voting against the emergency declaration

Trump has issued pleas on Twitter for Senate Republicans to support him with the vote.

Even if the Senate joins the House in rejecting Trump's order, he could veto the measure.

"Every single Democrat running for president should be made to answer: do they agree with the Speaker who stands in opposition to baseless impeachment charges, or will they risk fracturing the country by bowing to the radical elements in their party who want to disenfranchise the American people and overturn the legitimate and lawful result of the last election?" Congress can vote to block an emergency declaration, but the two-thirds majorities required to overcome presidential vetoes make it hard for lawmakers to prevail.

The context here is that the proposal, led by Lee and Tillis, would move to limit executive authority on national emergencies.

A vote on Lee's plan was expected after Congress returns from a recess later this month.

Ex-Hillary Adviser: Trump Impeachment Might Help Democrats