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PM: Will not allow Pakistani soil to be used for terrorism

09 March 2019

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said no militant group would be allowed to operate on Pakistani soil and carry out attacks overseas, days after his government began a crackdown against Islamist militant organisations.

According to New York Times, the tensions have reduced between India and Pakistan after serious engagement of forces at the border, but without worldwide pressure, a long-term solution is unlikely, and the threat of nuclear war remains.

"This government will not allow Pakistan's land to be used for any kind of outside terrorism", Khan said on Friday while addressing a public rally in southern Pakistan. "God willing, you will see that a new era is emerging", he said.

India blamed that attack on a Pakistan-based militant group, Jaish-e-Mohammed, and launched a retaliatory airstrike inside Pakistan.

India has been sceptical about Pakistan's latest steps to dismantle militant groups, with Indian officials calling the action cosmetic. "If Imran Khan does not take these steps, I'm afraid Pakistan will continue to slide into global isolation, which will only serve to increase economic hardship on the Pakistani people", the Indian-American Congressman said. Jaish-e-Mohammed is a United Nations-designated terrorist group that has been responsible for numerous terrorist attacks and is a threat to regional stability.

In what appears to be yet another sign of de-escalation in tensions between Pakistan and India, the Indian high commissioner, who was called back after the Pulwama attack, would be returning to Islamabad on Saturday.

Both countries carried out aerial bombing missions last week and even fought a brief dogfight over Kashmir before tensions cooled.

"Pakistan has banned many of these terrorist groups, including adding two more groups on March 5, but at the same time tolerates them operating within its own borders".

Chaudhry also said Khan has invited India to take part in a joint investigation and negotiations, but there had been no response from the Indian side.

Speaking about Thar's coal reserves, he said that the natural resources of the area would certainly change Pakistan.

PM: Will not allow Pakistani soil to be used for terrorism