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Cosby compares himself to MLK Jr., Gandhi

14 February 2019

Is Bill Cosby having an "amazing" prison "experience" since being convicted of sexual assault?

Andrew Wyatt, Cosby's spokesman, told Philly's WCAU-TV that the 81-year-old was doing well while serving his time.

Cosby is now behind bars at Pennsylvania prison, after being found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand, in 2004.

"What's amusing about that - Mrs. Cosby has been trying to stop him from drinking coffee for 55 years and he said it took this to stop him from drinking coffee", Wyatt described.

This statement from Cosby sounds remarkably similar to an interview Wyatt did with NNPA Newswire and radio host Frankie Darcell of WDAS that was published by The Washington Informer.

For the full video interview check here. "When I visit him, it's nothing sad about it", and claims that Bill has no remorse because he never did anything wrong.

Cosby's family lives on a family estate that's located about 32 kilometres from the prison.

Instead, Mr. and Mrs. Cosby prefer to speak to by phone - three times a day for three minutes each, the report states.

"He doesn't want people to try to exploit (Camille) and his daughters if they visit".

Since the conversations are recorded, the couple doesn't talk about issues related to Cosby's legal case, Wyatt said.

"He's mentally strong. He's just a strong man", he added.

Cosby has been moved to the prison's general population and is now in a single cell without a cellmate, according to Amy Worden, press secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

Since the prison doors closed on Cosby, the public hasn't heard much about the "Cosby Show" creator's time behind bars-until now.

Bill Cosby says he will "never have remorse".

For his part, Cosby released his first official message from prison to NBC 10 in Philadelphia on Wednesday, Feb. 13.

In his statement, Cosby explained "why I have no remorse and will never have remorse".

Perhaps that attitude stems from Cosby's belief that he is a political prisoner. "The Truth is Strong!"

Cosby has also lost weight since being jailed and wakes at 3.30am each morning to exercise.

In a statement released on February 13 by his press representative, Andrew Wyatt, Cosby said he had no remorse and never had remorse.

Cosby compares himself to MLK Jr., Gandhi