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Jennifer Lopez turns Motown tribute into own zesty show

13 February 2019

Despite the backlash, the 49-year-old took the stage at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards to perform hits like "Dancing in the Street", "Do You Love Me", "Money (That's What I Want)" and "Please Mr. Postman".

Some online questioned why a black artist wasn't chosen instead of Lopez, but she did received support from Smokey Robinson, who joined her in a duet to perform "My Girl", a song he co-wrote.

Yes, Jenny from the block is somehow turning 50.

On January 12, 1959, Berry Gordy redefined music when he founded Motown Records at 2648 West Grand Boulevard, Detroit. "And it's Black History Month too".

"Motown was an historically black label and the bulk of that Motown tribute was by Jennifer Lopez", another critic said.

Addressing the criticism, Jennifer added: "The thing about music is that it inspires all. This and musicals", Lopez said.

Clearly, people were upset on behalf of the Motown legends they grew up loving. "You gotta do what's in your heart".

Explaining that the Grammy bosses were "thrilled" she'd agreed to the tribute, Jennifer continued: "They know how much I have been influenced by that music and so it was a natural fit for them". "I grew up on all those songs and because my mum loved them so much she passed them onto us".

Meanwhile, R&B/Motown enthusiasts are pissed that Lopez reportedly lip-synced over classic Motown tracks with Robinson. "Everybody", he said. "Who's stupid enough to protest Jennifer Lopez doing anything for Motown?".

"I don't think anyone who is intelligent is upset", he told Variety ahead of the show. "After Motown, Black popular music would never again be dismissed as a minority taste..."

Motown fans who were disappointed with Sunday's tribute might be more pleased with the Recording Academy's upcoming celebration of Motown.

After J-Lo's performance, Motown updated the label's Twitter account noting its cultural relevance, writing: "FROM ITS ROOTS 60 YEARS AGO WITH BERRY GORDY, $800, AND A DREAM, MOTOWN DOESN'T JUST PUT OUT INFLUENTIAL MUSIC-IT TRANSFORMS THE CULTURAL LANDSCAPE".

Jennifer Lopez turns Motown tribute into own zesty show