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Ellen DeGeneres shaves off Julian Edelman's beard

12 February 2019

Then all of a sudden you have a suspension that you're facing.

NFL players do have the freedom to discuss a suspension, according to King, but it could've left Edelman open to a league challenge if he alleged something it disagrees with.

After shaving off both Edelman's beard and mustache, Ellen quipped that she would auction off the hair ball for more donation money. "I served what I had to serve and I accept that".

"That's what people don't understand with me". I was like, 'Either these guys know what all our plays are, or they're gonna ball out in the game.' You could see it. "Unit the season is done.' So I put my razor in the drawer", Edelman said.

In an interview before the shave, Edelman said that winning the Super Bowl was the most important part of the night, but that: "Getting the MVP is kind of a win for me and my other team, and that's my family". You learn a lot from that. There's no telling what Belichick means by "everything", but it's probably safe to say that it encompasses anything that doesn't have to do with what happens on Sunday afternoon, up to and including personal grooming. What's this problem? Let's make sure this never happens again.

Edelman actually appeared genuinely caught off guard by Ellen's proposition but was still game enough not only to take her up on the offer but also match the donation with $10,000 of his own money. "From this whole thing, I've learned that you've just got to stay in your routine, and you've just got to work your way out of it".

Edelman said focusing on returning in Week 5 is what kept him from slumping into a dark place. "It's easy to go there, that route. If you want to find noise, you could find noise".

Ellen DeGeneres shaves off Julian Edelman's beard