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‘Walking Dead’ star Danai Gurira reportedly exiting zombie series

11 February 2019

But Dwight is finally ready to return to the franchise on Fear the Walking Dead.

Gurira has been finding success on the big screen, and had a key role in the hugely successful Marvel superhero saga "Black Panther".

Add to that her burgeoning playwriting career, where she has been winning awards and acclaim.

Gurira is the latest in a string of Walking Dead stars to leave the show in the past year or so, following Chandler Riggs, who was written off in Season 8, and Lincoln and Lauren Cohan, who both left partway through Season 9, though Cohan may return in some capacity in Season 10.

This would mark another big loss for the show, which has seen its ratings slip in recent seasons. Her appearances will be limited to only a few episodes, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

However, the fan's joy of the show returning will be short-lived since it's just been announced that one its star, Danai Gurira will be leaving at the end of this season. It is likely that she will segue into the three TWD film spin-0ffs opposite Andrew Lincoln, who plays her character's love interest, Rick Grimes. "But we certainly would want her on the show as long as she wants to be on it", AMC Programming President David Madden told THR back in November.

"She is an incredibly valuable character, and I'm really hoping she stays". It's time once again to reflect upon the characters that we've loved - OK, in some cases, at best kinda put up with - and lost.

AMC and representatives for Gurira declined comment. "The goal is to have Danai continue on whatever basis she can make work, given the other things that she has going on in her life".

‘Walking Dead’ star Danai Gurira reportedly exiting zombie series