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Maduro: Possible US aggression against Venezuela can not be justified

09 February 2019

European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said that the coalition does not intend to impose a solution but is focused on finding answers to avoid violence or foreign intervention in Venezuela.

The president vowed that "peace will come" to the country next week, and that he will keep exercising power.

Speaking on Friday, Maduro said Venezuela's humanitarian crisis has been "fabricated by Washington" to justify "intervention" in the South American country.

Medina told a news conference at United Nations headquarters in NY: "I think we need the strength of the U.S., Brazil, Colombia".

And he said a first attempt to bring in the aid should be made next week.

According to Rodriguez's reconstruction of the facts, Borges and other opposition leaders, with the help of the Central Intelligence Agency, were organizing a military uprising in Caracas that was discovered and blocked by Venezuelan security forces on January 21.

"If they really wanted to help they should lift all the economic sanctions, the financial persecution, and cancel the economic ban that robs us of billions of dollars", Maduro said. "He is a clear and present danger and a risk to the national security of the United States".

Critics say three previous dialogs have allowed the ruling Socialist Party to stall for time without making major concessions on key issues including imprisoned opposition politicians and electoral transparency.

Guaido caused shock waves in Venezuelan politics on January 23 when he declared himself acting president, a move quickly backed by the United States and subsequently around 40 countries.

Justice Mendoza says Guaido is usurping presidential powers.

Guaido has called for the demonstrations to continue in the country in a bid to ramp up pressure on Maduro.

A day after the USA aid convoy arrived in the border city of Cucuta, Maduro ridiculed the Americans for offering small amounts of assistance while maintaining sanctions that block some $10 billion of offshore assets and revenue.

The items were being packed by volunteers into individual bags for Venezuelan families.

"Others are trying to destroy the country's independence and sovereignty under the pretext of humanitarian aid delivery".

It's unclear what will break the standoff playing out at the Venezuela-Colombia border.

US humanitarian aid arrived in trucks at a Colombian border town, but the Venezuelan military has barricaded a bridge at the border crossing in an apparent attempt to block the aid.

An global group of parliamentarians is urging Venezuela's government to stop the "ongoing harassment" of opposition lawmakers and denouncing "intimidation" of 60 parliamentarians - including 40 who have allegedly faced physical attacks.

Late last month, the ministry issued a statement in Hua's name saying China "opposes external intervention in Venezuela", in a rebuke to calls in the U.S. for military action to remove Maduro.

Rogier Huizenga, secretary of the IPU's human rights committee, expressed concern the opposition-controlled Assembly is "being ill-treated".

On January 23, the leader of Venezuela's opposition Juan Guaido, whose appointment as parliamentary speaker had been annulled by the Supreme Court two days before that, declared himself as interim president.

Huizenga said Friday that the committee has asked to send a mission to Venezuela, and has seen informal signs that this might be agreed. Today, our only enemy is fear.' Guaido said. Iohannis, in charge of the country's foreign policy, said Romania needed to have "quick, fundamental and firm reactions" to worldwide developments.

The 35-year-old argues Maduro was re-elected last year in a sham vote and the country must hold new presidential elections. Dozens of political parties that make up Venezuela's opposition have failed to mount a viable political challenge.

More shipments are on their way, but the needs in the nation of 30 million are likely to dwarf them.

Maduro: Possible US aggression against Venezuela can not be justified