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DA Quinn to Request Full Prison Term for Michelle Carter

08 February 2019

The state's Supreme Judicial Court agreed with a lower court judge who found that Michelle Carter caused Conrad Roy III's death when she told him to "get back in" his truck that was filling with toxic gas after he told her he was scared. She appealed the conviction, but the Massachusetts Supreme Court shot her down.

"We conclude that the evidence was sufficient to support the judge's finding of proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed involuntary manslaughter as a youthful offender, and that the other legal issues presented by the defendant, including her First Amendment claim, lack merit", Justice Scott L. Kafker wrote.

United States courts heard that she bombarded boyfriend Conrad Roy III with text messages urging him to take his own life, and ordered him to get back into a truck full of toxic gas.

Michelle Carter, seen in June 2017, was sentenced to two and a half years in jail but would be eligible for probation after 15 months and was allowed to remain free as she appealed the decision, according to CBS News. She had, in earlier text messages, encouraged Roy to "promise" to kill himself and helped him plan the event after he abandoned earlier suicide attempts. "It has very troubling implications, for free speech, due process, and the exercise of prosecutorial discretion, that should concern us all".

The Supreme Judicial Court said in a unanimous decision in the novel case that Michelle Carter's actions caused Conrad Roy III to die in a truck filled with toxic gas in a deserted parking lot almost five years ago. No more pain. It's okay to be scared and it's normal.

"Roy was a "vulnerable, confused, mentally ill, 18-year-old" who had stepped out of his truck as it filled with carbon monoxide", Kafker wrote.

"I thought you wanted to do this".

"I mean, you're about to die". "There are good reasons why almost every other state has passed a law to address 'assisted suicide, ' which inevitably involves complicated circumstances better addressed as a matter of policy by the legislature than in any particular case by the court". The text message was one of dozens she sent him, encouraging him to kill himself.

Her lawyer said during the hearing in October that there was no evidence it would have made a difference if she had called for help, arguing she didn't even know where his truck was parked. Their relationship consisted mainly of texting and other electronic communications.

"The crime of involuntary manslaughter proscribes reckless or wanton conduct causing the death of another".

Prosecutors at trial presented evidence showing that Roy, of Mattapoisett, briefly left the vehicle after he began to be overwhelmed by the fumes but returned after Carter urged him to "get back in". Roy had previously attempted suicide, and Carter had planned to seek treatment for an eating disorder.

DA Quinn to Request Full Prison Term for Michelle Carter