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Mobile claims merger with Sprint will boost 5G speeds 4-6x

07 February 2019

For Sprint and T-Mobile to merge into "New T-Mobile", a lot of hearts need to be won over.

The newly proposed deal blasts back at those that oppose the merger by saying that it would lead to higher prices which could harm consumers by taking one of the four major players out of the wireless space, USA Today reported. And top T-Mobile execs, including chief executive John Legere, have spent significant time staying at the Trump hotel in Washington, though Legere has said he hopes regulators will "make their decision based on the benefits it will bring to the US, not based on hotel choices".

T-Mobile has said that, if its merger with Sprint is approved, it'll continue supporting the 1Million Project.

In a separate government filing, T-Mobile noted that while it would attempt to fend off price increases it may have to adjust rates to pass through costs like taxes or third-party fees that "are not within the control of New T-Mobile".

Claure told senators in June that Sprint would have a hard time deploying 5G on its own.

The impact of the merger will be further explored by the U.S. House Energy & Commerce and Judiciary committees on February 13 in a joint hearing. The next two hurdles to cross are clearances from the Department of Justice and FCC.

Whether Sprint and T-Mobile, together, could act as a stronger bulwark against AT&T and Verizon than they could separately is a key point of debate. Monroe County has already contacted T-Mobile to offer our unique workforce development programming, like LadderzUp and Recruiting on the Road, to help link our residents to the company's new jobs here.

The company also reiterated its plan to use Sprint's 2.5 GHz spectrum and T-Mobile's nationwide block of 600 MHz for its 5G deployment. Now, more than any time previously, it looks like the T-Mobile Sprint merger could actually happen. "Today's news makes clear that T-Mobile knows that its merger is in trouble".

Mobile claims merger with Sprint will boost 5G speeds 4-6x