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British IS hostage John Cantlie believed to be alive

07 February 2019

John Cantlie, a British photojournalist abducted by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) in 2012, is believed to be alive more than six years after his capture, according to the United Kingdom security minister.

The group used Cantlie to present a series of propaganda videos for the group beginning two years after his capture.

Ben Wallace, the Home Office minister, told a briefing that he would not go into details about Mr Cantlie's whereabouts, more than six years after the 48-year old was captured in Syria.

"But if he is alive it is genuinely irresponsible for Ben Wallace to make the comments he has because this could put his life in jeopardy".

The Free John Cantlie twitter account said they prayed the latest reports were true.

He did say officials believe Cantlie is being held by Islamic State operatives.

In July 2017, the Iraqi Al-Sura News Agency alleged that Cantlie had been killed. Citing a Syrian Democratic Forces director named Mustafi Bali, the outlet said Cantlie was seen in Mosul, Iraq, during an offensive against ISIS.

His work has appeared in newspapers including the Sunday Times, the Sun and Sunday Telegraph.

Foley was beheaded in 2014, the grisly killing documented in a video released by ISIS.

Asked generally about British hostages around the world, Wallace said the United Kingdom does not pay ransom and discourages other countries from doing so. American journalist Steven Sotloff and British aid worker David Haines were also among the hostages that ISIS killed. She focuses on news from the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

British IS hostage John Cantlie believed to be alive