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'Kingdom Hearts 3' Post-Launch Updates Revealed

14 January 2019

Players can access this story summary section for the entire series at any time.

The main game allows players to proceed to and view the ending without the need for an internet connection. So guarded, in fact, that Square Enix has detailed plans to release the epilogue as a post-launch patch. Players have to finish the game to see it. That's when update 1.01 will be released for that version of the game and add the Memory Archive feature that offers information on past games and the story so far.

Secret Ending- Nearly every Kingdom Hearts game has a bonus ending that requires completing extra challenges to see. The update will add an Epilogue video. Since this is the conclusion of the trilogy, it's hard to say what it might reveal-but the story of Kingdom Hearts has plenty of room for more sequels, even if this trilogy comes to a proper conclusion.

According to the update schedule, the Update 1.01 will arrive on January 29 with the launch of Kingdom Heart 3 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One which includes "Several data fixes" and the Memory Archives.

Kingdom Hearts 3's epilogue will not be included on the game's disc.

January 30: Epilogue video for Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released.

We also don't know how you will be able to unlock the ability to watch it just yet either.

January 31: The "secret movie" for Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released. No word on what these videos will be about, other than that they will "enhance player's enjoyment of the world of Kingdom Hearts". It's disappointing that Square Enix made a decision to take this approach as it means that not all of the game's content is on disc. Are you happy that gamers will be unable to spoil everything the day of release?

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Post-Launch Updates Revealed