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Sanders apologises for 2016 campaign 'harassment' allegations

13 January 2019

"To women in our campaign who were harassed or mistreated, I apologize", Sanders said.

His remarks came after The New York Times and Politico published articles with allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct pertaining to the 2016 campaign.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders apologized Thursday following multiple allegations of harassment and mistreatment of women by staffers on his 2016 presidential campaign.

Politico reported Thursday morning that Sanders's former Iowa campaign manager was part of a $30,000 federal discrimination settlement with two former employees.

The Vermont independent said on Capitol Hill that the alleged misconduct by male aides "was absolutely unacceptable and certainly not what a progressive campaign or any campaign should be about".

"I'm not going to sit here and tell you we did everything right in terms of human resources", said Sanders.

Becker allegedly told a 20-something woman that he had always wanted to have sex with her and made a reference to riding his 'pole, ' the woman and three other people told the news website.

Sanders said he was unaware of the alleged behavior happening during his campaign because he was "a little busy" running for president.

Bernie Sanders apologized Thursday for "unacceptable" sexual harassment that occurred on his 2016 presidential campaign, directly addressing an issue that could weigh on the senator's potential 2020 White House bid.

Becker denies the allegation.

A top adviser to Sen.

"During the process of routine background checks being conducted, I would occasionally be asked to review potentially questionable or damaging social media posts of potential hires", Becker said in reply to that allegation.

CNN reported on Wednesday that Jeff Weaver, the longtime Sanders confidant and 2016 campaign manager, will not return to the role he held in 2016 should Sanders made a decision to run again, and Friends of Bernie Sanders confirmed this to VTDigger.

"It just really sucks because no one ever held him accountable, and he kept pushing and pushing and seeing how much he could get away with", the woman said.

The woman chose to go public when Becker contacted her about a potential place in Sanders' possible 2020 campaign for president.

Todd noted that other accusations had drawn a sense of a "pervasive culture of toxic masculinity" on the 2016 campaign.

Allegations that male members of his campaign had harassed and discriminated against female campaign workers have been circulating for weeks as the senator weighs a potential second presidential run.

As recently as last month, Becker was in SC organizing meetings with former staffers, the Washington Post reported.

Sanders' comments follow a Politico report that a former Sanders adviser, Robert Becker, had assaulted a female subordinate.

Sanders apologises for 2016 campaign 'harassment' allegations