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Mayor Bill de Blasio offering healthcare for all New Yorkers

13 January 2019

"The comprehensive health care plan ceremoniously unveiled by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio this week drew lots of applause from the Democrat's supporters but also is drawing skepticism from voices in his city who question the true value and cost of the effort", writes USA Today. If a landlord makes a home unlivable in order to drive a tenant out, de Blasio said, the city will impose fines, or even seize buildings and turn them over to a community nonprofit. "Not just see them as cogs in a machine but people who deserve to live life fully".

Trump made reversing former president Barack Obama's health care law a key pledge of his campaign, and his Republican party successfully repealed in 2017 a key provision meant to keep overall costs down by ensuring healthy individuals bought insurance. Experts say New York City will be the first jurisdiction in the 50 states to mandate paid vacation if the legislation is adopted.

Mr de Blasio, who has sought to build a national profile during his five years in office, said that the city was now capable of providing healthcare for New Yorkers regardless of their income or immigration status.

The legislation would require employers with five or more employees to offer 10 paid days off that could be used for any objective. This partnership first began in 2015 in an attempt to rectify the statistic that 25 percent of New York City students need glasses, but only 5 percent of those students now get them.

Here's what else de Blasio pledged to improve New York City at his 2019 State of the City address.

The Department of Consumer Affairs will be renamed the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection to help freelancers and contract workers get paid quicker while enforcing paid-sick-leave laws and worker vacation requirements.

On Tuesday, he rolled out a new health system that would guarantee access to care for all New Yorkers, including undocumented immigrants.

Both stories being leaked first to national press, as opposed to local papers, had local journalists grumbling about - if not outright offended by - yet another display of the mayor's disdain for local NYC media, revealed explicitly past year in a series of emails released on court order.

In the lead-up to his address, de Blasio introduced two new initiatives for his administration this year.

The City Council would need to consider and approve the mayor's plan before it can become law. "Well-connected developers should not be getting sweetheart deals on the taxpayers' dime".

Mayor Bill de Blasio offering healthcare for all New Yorkers