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Amazon's game streaming service set for 2020

13 January 2019

The Information reports that Amazon is developing its own cloud gaming service, joining the likes of Microsoft and Google in doing so. Gaming has proven to be a hard nut to crack for would-be streaming providers, though, with several companies trying their hand to varying degrees success over the past few years. However, the service is unlikely to be ready for launch until next year, Mashable reported. Adding more games for purchase or subscription could be an important expansion of the platform, as well as Amazon's Prime services.

Of course, Amazon hasn't confirmed that it's working on such a service, so the pair of folks running their mouths might be barking up the wrong tree. Gamers simply access Amazon's servers, from which they are able to stream games to their TV or device. The project is also said to be far from finished and isn't expected to launch until 2020 at the earliest.

Streaming services have always been cited as part of gaming's future, initially alongside standalone consoles, earning vocal support from the likes of Rockstar and EA.

Whether we like it or not, game streaming is coming. Reporters, however, have spotted job listings relevant to this effort, such as this one for a Lead Cross-Platform Game Engineer.

It makes sense for Amazon to enter this arena, as it's the largest provider of cloud computing services on the planet - ahead of Google and Microsoft by a long shot - and can therefore easily build out the necessary infrastructure to support a demanding game streaming service for users around the world. This is not the passive version, where a player can pay for money while others look over their shoulder - Twitch is already an Amazon product - we're talking rather about Cloud games. Microsoft, for example, unveiled its video game streaming service Project xCloud back in October, touting it as bringing games to devices including PCs and consoles.

With Amazon's cloud gaming service, expensive consoles with high-end hardware isn't needed.

Amazon's game streaming service set for 2020