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U.S. bus driver rescues child found wandering barefoot

11 January 2019

MCTS officials said just before 8 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 22 a bus driver, Irena Ivic, spotted something shocking in front of her bus - a toddler wandering alone on a freeway overpass near 4th and Mitchell in Milwaukee.

In the annotated video from the Milwaukee County Transit System uploaded to YouTube, viewers see Ivic-Drobnjak cradle the child as a young female passenger offers her coat and the two bundle the baby up.

She runs across the street and picks up the crying boy, who was making his way around a corner, bringing him on board her bus.

A Milwaukee bus driver went above the call of duty when she stopped to save an unlikely would-be passenger: a baby. She scooped the baby up in her arms and ran back to the bus.

The baby girl was unharmed. She carried the baby to the bus, where passengers gathered in disbelief.

Authorities say the child was cold and frightened, but otherwise OK.

The baby's mother had left it alone outside after suffering a reported mental health episode.

Ms Ivic said she was grateful she was in the right place at the right time to keep the baby safe.

Authorities eventually reunited the baby girl with her father. "I am shaking", Ivic said in the video as she sat down in the driver's seat with the baby.

"She did a lot more than her job".

This is the ninth lost or missing child to be found by bus drivers in recent years, according to MCTS.

U.S. bus driver rescues child found wandering barefoot