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R. Kelly's streams increase after docu-series alleges abuse

11 January 2019

Posting to her 77.6 million followers, Gaga said: "I stand behind these women 100%, believe them, know they are suffering and in pain, and feel strongly that their voices should be heard and taken seriously".

Timothy also responded to critics who said he and his wife took Joycelyn to Kelly for help with a singing career, even though there were already allegations against him. The original deal for Kelly to pay for the property went for 10 years with a monthly payment of $22,927.41.

The series "Surviving R. Kelly" began airing last week on the Lifetime TV channel, bringing decades of abuse allegations against the "Pied Piper of R&B" to nearly 20 million viewers.

The club itself posted videos of Kelly performing to their Instagram Story.

"The song is called 'Do What U Want (With My Body),' I think it's clear how explicitly twisted my thinking was at the time". On Aug. 31, 1994, he married a 15 year old girl with no consent from the girl or her parents. "I was like 'Bro, you know homie violated and he violated my girl. She just would leave it at, 'That dude was a bad man, '" the 47-year-old said.

Griggs represents Jonjelyn and Tim Savage, who also allege that Kelly has brainwashed their daughter. The unnamed victim accuses the singer of plying her with alcohol, restraining her and giving her a sexually transmitted disease.

On Tuesday (January 8), the Cook County State Attorney held a press conference asking anyone who was a victim or has information about a victim to come forward. Some were tied to Kelly's Chicago area home.

WGN reached out to Kelly's lawyer, Steve Greenberg, for comment but he did not return the call.

Williams, who had skipped school that day, said she was then given $1,000 and sent on her way.

Kim Mehlman-Orozco, author of "Hidden in Plain Sight: America's Slaves of the New Millennium" and an expert witness in sex trafficking cases, said she was struck by the similarities from the accusations in the "Surviving R. Kelly" documentary and the stories told by convicted sex traffickers.

'No one has ever seen any evidence of it.

Russell later said that he and Kelly might have to release information that would destroy Savage, his family and his business. There are no photos of him with these women. "What I am hearing about the allegations against R. Kelly is absolutely horrifying and indefensible".

According to reports, the incident between Mason and Kelly's alleged sexual partner Joycelyn Savage's dad Timothy Savage allegedly went down last May.

R. Kelly's streams increase after docu-series alleges abuse