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Kevin Hart Shuts Down Questions About Oscars Controversy: 'I'm Over It'

11 January 2019

In a breaking piece at Variety, Academy insiders close to the show's planning have confirmed that Oscars 2019 will be entirely host-free, meaning no Kevin Hart, no Ellen Degeneres, no Chris Rock, not even Jimmy Kimmel. The actor told "Good Morning America" co-host Michael Strahan that with the Oscars weeks away, it's too late for him to change his mind.

"The Academy never really axed him - they wanted him to apologize - he wouldn't, and then he was the one to drop out", the source said.

Strahan pushed Hart to offer more of a response beyond "I'm over it" and "I'm done with it", but he was met with more of the same.

'I'm over that, I'm over the moment, and I'm about today, so if it's accepted, great, if it's not, it's nothing I can control.

"I'm not giving no more explanation of who I am", he added.

Kevin Hart will no longer be addressing his Oscars controversy. If you don't see that, then that means that's a problem with you... "I understand you", he continued, adding that he hopes the LGBTQ community can forgive him and accept he's a different person from the one who sent those tweets nearly a decade ago.

"I would like to call myself a perfectionist, so when I do something I want to be able to give it my all".

"It's hard to predict what can happen". You want me to be the face of this community because of this joke? I'm not addressing it. It will be the first time in 30 years that a formal host will not appear to lead the biggest night in Hollywood.

"I've tweeted it, I've talked about it when I went on Ellen". "You will not hear me say anything else about it ..." "I was going to pull up the pictures in the past of people that became memes and simply say, 'This is why you need to relax.' You know that picture of Denzel [Washington] where he's got the teeth? You're not getting no more of my energy from it". I don't want to have to have this conversation anymore, because I know who I am.

Hart refused to apologise, saying he "chose to pass" as he has "addressed this several times before". "I can't do that right now".

"They're gonna win if you don't host the Oscars", DeGeneres said, referring to "trolls" online.

Kevin Hart Shuts Down Questions About Oscars Controversy: 'I'm Over It'