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Apple to launch 3 iPhones in wake of disappointing XR

11 January 2019

Apple reportedly plans to introduce three iPhone models this year, including a follow-up to the company's much debated iPhone XR.

The news, first reported in the Wall Street Journal, comes as sales of the iPhone in China continue to suffer.

The report doesn't specify if both the regular and larger iPhone 11 (that's a non-final name) will have triple cameras or if that setup will be reserved for the iPhone 11 Max. Currently, the iPhone XR is the only model that doesn't have 3D Touch and instead has Haptic Touch, a feature that uses long-display presses and haptic feedback to evoke new actions.

Top chain Suning Commerce Group Ltd. promoted a 128GB iPhone XR for 5,799 yuan ($860) on Friday, 17 percent cheaper than the price on Apple's own website. Are you disappointed that only the most expensive iPhone (presumably, the XI Max) will get a triple camera, while the others are likely to stick with a dual camera setup? Apple apparently couldn't ditch the LCD display this year because the planning stages are already too far along for this year's releases, making big changes like a swap of the display panel infeasible. Mr Cook also acknowledged that consumers in other markets are not buying as numerous latest iPhones. By then, the OLED supply-chain would have likely matured enough that Apple's requirements will be fulfilled. Due to disappointing sales of the iPhone XR the company may have wanted to switch fully to OLED earlier, but apparently its 2019 plans can't now easily be altered, as they've been in the pipeline for months. While the XR's successor is said to retain the LCD display of the 2018 model, the 2019 XR will reportedly get the dual-lens camera system that is now only found on the iPhone XS series. Apple's branding has been a mess as of late, so it's all very fuzzy.

Apple to launch 3 iPhones in wake of disappointing XR