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AMD's 7nm Radeon Vega VII takes aim at Nvidia's RTX 2080

10 January 2019

It is true that it delivered some excitement, as it finally introduced the new Radeon VII graphics card. This new Radeon VII GPU is built on 2nd gen "Vega" architecture and offers 16GB memory, 1TB/s memory bandwidth and up to 29 percent higher gaming performance compared to its predecessor.

What we do know is that it is a 60 Compute Unit (CU) GPU, built on the 7nm production process and uses the second generation of Vega graphics architecture.

It's not clear if we'll see any downstream Radeon VII products.

AMD has also revealed some initial benchmarks in which the AMD Radeon VII is 35% faster than Radeon RX Vega 64 in Battlefield 5, 25% faster in Fortnite and 42% faster in Strange Brigade. The AMD Radeon VII graphics card will be available from February 7, 2019 for $699 United States dollars. However, the company's CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, divulged rather less about the anticipated next-generation EPYC processors. Interestingly the RX Vega 64 houses, you guessed it, 64 CUs, which means the new Radeon VII actually has fewer GCN cores inside it. It provides up to 27 percent higher performance in the popular open source 3D creation application Blender7, up to 27 percent higher performance in the professional video editing, color correction and visual effects application DaVinci Resolve 158, and up to 62 percent higher performance in the OpenCL™ LuxMark compute benchmark9 compared to the AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 graphics card.

AMD Launches Next Radeon VII GPU, the World's First 7nm GPU
AMD announces world’s first 7nm gaming GPU with 16GB memory and 1TB/s memory bandwidth

But the 7nm process also allows the GPU to be run faster too, and the Vega core at the heart of the Radeon VII is running at up to 1,800MHz.

The GPU inside the VII is called Vega 20, which is a die-shrunk version of the Vega 10 in the Vega 64. Toss it out for $700 and AMD could make a mark on the enthusiast gaming landscape without having to so much as mention real-time ray tracing.

There were plenty of Ryzen 3000 and Zen 2 rumours floating around prior to AMD's CES keynote today.

AMD were also keen to emphasise that their 3rd Gen Ryzen CPUs will be the first PC platform to support the super fast PCIe 4.0 standard, letting it take advantage of some of the faster graphics cards (hello Radeon 7) and devices that are coming out this year.

AMD's 7nm Radeon Vega VII takes aim at Nvidia's RTX 2080