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Woman dies after getting trapped in clothing donation bin

09 January 2019

A woman has died after falling into a clothing donation bin.

A 35-year-old woman has died after being pinned inside a clothing donation box in Toronto on Tuesday morning.

Despite attempts to revive the woman, who was aged in her 30s, she was pronounced dead at the scene.

A 34-year-old man died after becoming trapped in a bin in West Vancouver in December, while a 32-year-old in Ontario died in similar circumstances in November.

The incident led to Inclusion BC deciding to remove its 146 bins placed in Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Sunshine Coast, the Interior, and Vancouver Island.

Remarkably, this is the eighth death related to people getting stuck inside donation bins in Canada since 2015.

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When asked if he was OK, the man in the bin said: "Yes, I'm fine".

"We don't want to take them and destroy them".

Inclusion BC has already pulled its four donation bins from the streets of Richmond.

Police have since said that the woman's death is not being considered as "suspicious" and the incident has been ruled as death my misadventure.

Despite their good intentions, Taheri said he doesn't believe removing the bins is the best solution.

Chu said there are no enforcement plans to make the organizations comply with the city's request, but he doesn't anticipate any problems. Once a person's motions are detected, he said the system would alert emergency crews. Both suggested she was likely trying to find some warm clothing at the time she was trapped. He said the locks would have to be robust, however, so they couldn't be opened with a crow bar. Safety modifications, designed by students, are in the prototype phase.

In Richmond, organizations have been given until Wednesday to remove bins from public property.

Agro said Rangeview, which produces roughly 1,000 donation bins of varying styles each year, is actively working on new designs for future products.

"The fact that there are many types, it makes it challenging", he said.

Woman dies after getting trapped in clothing donation bin