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Vic Fangio to be hired as the Broncos’ new head coach

09 January 2019

After Harbaugh and the 49ers parted ways, Fangio was released from his contract and went to Chicago. Fangio spent the 2018 season as the defensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears.

On Wednesday, Adam Schefter of ESPN and Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reported that Fangio has reached an agreement with the team to become their next head coach.

Fangio is ready for the challenge-it could be argued that he shouldn't had to have waited this long. "I got a lot of respect for him, and so does the entire defense". Since then, he's been a fixture on National Football League sidelines, save for a single season in 2010 when he coached at Stanford. Throughout his career, that has never been in question.

In hiring his fourth coach in six seasons, Broncos general manager John Elway returned to his first blueprint. Elway's personnel decisions have been "interesting" to say the least, and if Fangio has limited control over his personnel and his staff, he could be in for a rough time he's not entirely responsible for. So they need the Fangio hire to work and Kubiak's role in the offense to be productive, because the Broncos are in danger of losing much of the luster they've worked so hard to create.

In Kubiak's final year in Houston, I spoke with defensive players who found Kubiak's passing concepts all to easy to decipher and counter.

With Kubiak taking over Denver's offense, the team is expected to move on from offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave. Instead, since Manning's retirement, the Broncos have endured a quarterback purgatory that is entirely on Elway's head.

In the meantime the task in front of the Bears is finding a replacement for Fangio, dubbed "evil genius" by linebacker Khalil Mack, and it will not an easy assignment despite the fact that Fangio's successor takes over a unit already among the NFL's best and with only one returning starter (Prince Amukamara) who will be age 30 when the 2019 season opens. "Everybody just wishes him well".

Vic Fangio to be hired as the Broncos’ new head coach