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Russian Lawyer At Trump Tower Meeting Charged For Obstruction Of Justice

09 January 2019

Lev Leviev, known as the 'King of Diamonds, ' a partner of Prevezon Holdings, was involved with Jared Kushner in a 2015 sale of part of The New York Times building.

Donald Trump Jr. has said he agreed to the meeting after being promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton, Trump's Democratic opponent in the 2016 election.

According to an indictment unsealed on Tuesday, Natalia Veselnitskaya was charged with obstructing justice by filing a misleading statement in the money laundering case, which was settled in 2017. Attendees at the meeting later said that she had talked about adoptions, which Russian Federation restricted for Americans as retribution for the Magnitsky Act, and requested that sanctions be lifted.

She was advising Prevezon Holdings Ltd, an investment firm accused of using NY real estate to launder a portion of the profits from an elaborate $200 million Russian tax fraud scheme.

The indictment notes that Veselnitskaya "was a Russian national and attorney" who advised "the defendants and claimants" in the case United States v. Prevezon Holdings.

Russian prosecutors accuse Magnitsky of participating in the largest tax fraud in Russian history worth $200 million.

Instead, according to the government, Veselnitskaya helped draft the report "in secret coordination" with a senior Russian prosecutor.

Magnitsky was arrested while investigating the fraud case and died in a Russian prison in 2009.

While Veselnitskaya's alleged role in drafting the response itself is not charged as a violation of law, prosecutors say she lied in a November 2015 declaration that she filed in the case by citing the Russian legal assistance reply without disclosing her own involvement in its creation. She has previously denied working on behalf of the Russian government. Magnitsky was imprisoned and ultimately beaten to death while in custody.

"The evidentiary basis for the case seems strong, but the question is: is this a case that would have been brought had she not been a Russian who attended the meeting at Trump Tower?". Browder launched a campaign to have those allegedly involved in his death blacklisted by the U.S.

Both Fusion and Veselnitskaya were working for Prevezon in the NY case. In April 2018, however - just over a year after the Prevezon case was settled and closed - U.S. government propaganda outlet RFE/RL reported the existence of the emails, sourcing them to Dossier, an outfit run by Browder's fellow ex-oligarch and Kremlin critic Mikhail Khodorkovsky. In the meeting, Veselnitskaya lobbied against the Magnitsky Act, a 2012 law that placed sanctions against Russian human rights abusers.

Natalia Veselnitskaya, 43, was among a group of Russians who met with top Trump campaign figures in June 2016 after an intermediary suggested they had incriminating information on Hillary Clinton. Only a few bothered to note that the indictment has to do with a totally unrelated case.

Russian Lawyer At Trump Tower Meeting Charged For Obstruction Of Justice