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Fiji Water girl Kelleth Cuthbert star of show at Golden Globe Awards

09 January 2019

"Fiji Water woman knows she deserves to be in the shot". Her pictures of photobombing nearly all the pictures taken during the Golden Globe red carpet went viral recently.

She claims that the magical and amusing photos simply came about by "looking at the camera at the right time". Cuthbert, for her part, managed to crash pictures being taken of Idris Elba, Alyssa Milano, Lucy Boynton, Jeff Bridges, William H. Macy, Judy Greer and Dakota Fanning, among others.

And people watching the red carpet shows at home were here for it, as they took to social media to comment on Cuthbert's ever-present appearance, launching her into meme status.

Under the Hashtag #fijiwatergirl numerous Twitter amused themselves - and the Instagram users about Cuthbert. However, she insists that the photobombing wasn't intentional.

The water brand also released a statement regarding Cuthbert's photos, which was obtained by Page Six.

Somebody even went so far as to start a Fiji Water Girl Twitter account, posting memes in which Cuthbert turns up in unlikely places, including on the surface of the moon.

"Bohemian Rhapsody" star Rami Malek's joyous best drama win, Jeff Bridges' lengthy - albeit head-scratching - Cecil B. DeMille Award acceptance speech and Chrissy Metz's alleged Alison Brie dig certainly captivated Golden Globes viewers Sunday night.

For this year's Golden Globes, Fiji Water sent out four women to offer stars some refreshment, but only one stole the spotlight.

One picture shows a police officer pretending to conduct a breathalyser test on a dog, who was sitting in the driver's seat - while Caitlin stood in front of the bonnet. The internet can't get over the Fiji Water girl and, quite frankly, we can't either. She also demonstrated how to do eye contact like that. We mean it, she was everywhere.

You've got the hand it to her.

She's married to photographer Christopher Von Steinback.

Sure enough, while she was there for the celebrities, Cuthbert became a minor celebrity herself.

Cuthbert says her Instagram following was around 53,000 before Sunday's event.

"I loved the Jim Carrey one", she revealed. "The first meme of 2019, apparently! They all work so hard", she said. "I feel like I've been photobombing people since I was a kid".

A model stationed on the Golden Globes' red carpet with a tray of water bottles became the unexpected star of the night.

Fiji Water girl Kelleth Cuthbert star of show at Golden Globe Awards