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What The NHS Long-Term Plan Means For Accessing Mental Health Care

08 January 2019

If enacted, these changes would "remove the counterproductive effect that general competition rules and powers can have on the integration of NHS care", the document adds.

Mrs May said that the ambitions set out in the plan, which several experts warned would be hard to achieve, was affordable in part because the United Kingdom would no longer be sending "vast annual sums" to Brussels after it leaves the European Union. Nearly 30 per cent of preventable deaths in England are due to non-communicable diseases specifically attributed to air pollution, the plan pointed out, and more than 2,000 GP practices and 200 hospitals are in areas affected by dangerously polluted air.

She said: "We welcome the increased focus and funding for community health services and mental health".

And the plans aim to ensure three-quarters of cancers are diagnosed early, when they can be treated more successfully, up from half at present.

The plans will also see Global Positioning System and community services get a larger share of the funding, with £4.5billion a year put aside, and mental health services expanded to help 345,000 more children and young people.

The Plan seeks enhanced participation of pharmacists in the "new service model" it outlines for the NHS which gives prominence to primary and community care with a £4.5 billion of new investment. "And while commitments for the NHS to do more to promote public health are welcome, cuts to local government funding for public health services underline the need for a more consistent approach across government to the population's health".

We will build on work already going on to recruit, train and retain more staff so we can address critical staff shortages.

The General Medical Council (GMC) suggested the United Kingdom should consider migrant workers in future workforce planning after a poll revealed many doctors were considering quitting the NHS or cutting their hours because they felt stressed or overburdened. And while improving survival rates for serious conditions has been put at the forefront of this new strategy, it seems no consideration has been given to learning from the Social Health Insurance systems in Europe, under which thousands more people survive strokes and common types of cancer each year.

NHS England chief executive, Simon Stevens, said that the long-term plan tackles "head-on" the pressures that healthcare staff face.

Baroness Harding will provide interim recommendations to me by the end of March on how the challenges of supply, reform, culture and leadership can be met, and final recommendations later in the year as part of the broader Implementation Plan that will be developed at all levels to make the Long Term Plan a reality.

"In the NHS it is always hard to take changes from the whiteboard to the ward", said Nuffield Trust chief exec Nigel Edwards.

"In aiming for parity between physical and mental health services these plans demonstrate a clear commitment to mental health through increased spending and introducing access standards".

The long-term plan states that due to the length of time it takes to train nurses and doctors in the United Kingdom - between three and five years - it will have to launch a large-scale global recruitment drive to try and plug gaps in the short term. A second facility, which will be operated in partnership between the Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and gambling addiction charity GamCare, will open in April this year.

It will continue to be shaped and refined by staff and patients through an implementation plan framework in the spring, with events and activities across the country to help people understand what it means for them and their local NHS services. "In addition, better care and support for people living with heart failure will significantly improve quality of life for many".

All in all, Mr Speaker, the NHS Long Term Plan has been drawn up by the NHS: by over 2,500 doctors, clinicians, staff, and patients.

What The NHS Long-Term Plan Means For Accessing Mental Health Care