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Theresa May Faces Decision Day on Whether to Delay Ill-Fated Brexit Vote

12 December 2018

Although being in the single market would require maintaining freedom of movement of European Union citizens into Britain - a contentious issue for May and many pro-Brexit voters - this approach is considered more likely to command a majority in parliament and potentially pass a second vote. About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to The Sunday Express.

The drastic move, as May faced defeat by up to 100 of her own MPs, is a humiliation for the prime minister, whose aides and cabinet ministers had emphatically denied there was any prospect of pulling the vote, even as late as Monday morning.

One minister told the Sunday Times that he would quit if the vote went ahead, and the newspaper added that at least two Brexit-backing ministers and two members of the whips office were also on the verge of resigning.

That had boosted the hopes of British Brexit opponents that a new referendum could be held that would prevent Britain's scheduled departure on March 29, 2019.

"They also agreed that preparations for a "no deal" outcome should intensify", it said.

While opponents of Brexit welcomed the European court's decision, it could throw the Brexit process into further turmoil and have a damaging ripple effect on the British and world economies. Her reliance for a majority in parliament on a Northern Irish party that opposes the deal has made her position even more precarious.

The beleaguered leader's splintered government appears to be facing a heavy defeat in parliament on Tuesday on the draft withdrawal agreement she signed with Brussels last month.

"They are then going to fall back on a protocol or a clarification on a point seen as important to then go back to parliament". The current deal "is the most that we could offer".

People take part in a pro-Brexit rally. The EU-Commission follow-up negotiations but rejects as categorically.

If the prime minister does lose the vote, what would come next? The agreement on the Irish border was contained in the UK-EU Brexit deal.

Calls for a new referendum now attract significant cross-party support from dozens of MPs.

They urged her to return to Brussels instead to try to secure more concessions before the House of Commons has the final say.

Another parliamentary official explained that the main route to postponing the vote would be for the Leader of the House Andrea Leadsom to table a business motion removing the vote.

Defeat for May could see asset managers immediately move to open offices in Europe to ensure continued access to European Union markets in the absence of a deal with the bloc, Hudson said.

Just hours earlier, the European Court of Justice ruled that Britain could halt withdrawal from the EU without seeking the approval of fellow member states, in a victory for anti-Brexit campaigners.

Theresa May Faces Decision Day on Whether to Delay Ill-Fated Brexit Vote