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Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10-Series Screen Sizes Leaked

09 December 2018

But the bad news is that the Galaxy S10 will, just like all the other phones, drop the 3.5mm headphone jack. We've seen some relatively major changes in very early renderings of the devices in the Galaxy S10 family over the past week - more iterations aren't a shock at this point.

Samsung's Galaxy S10 will come with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, which is also 5G-ready. Both devices are actually rumored to include a display camera hole, though we still do not know where will that camera hole be located, as we've seen a lot of contradicting leaks, even though majority seem to suggest that the company will put it in the upper-right corner of the display on these two phones.

Galaxy S10 Lite,Flat Screen,Side fingerprint recognition,Dual camera. This time we can see the back and sizes of the camera, complete with a dual-lens rear camera and a fingerprint scanner on the side. It does feature the display holes but they're centered.

If you're wondering, Samsung won't use an Infinity O screen on this device. If, however, Samsung decides to go this route, we can expect a Galaxy S10 with little to no bezels on the top and bottom of the Infinity O (or OO) display. Markets like U.S. will get the Qualcomm variant of the phone, while India will get Exynos variant as we have seen in the past. All the Galaxy S10 smartphones will also ship with the same SoCs, as Samsung is expected to sell two different SoC variants once more.

The centered display holes mean that the screen can flow above them.

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10-Series Screen Sizes Leaked