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Buzzcocks Leader Pete Shelley Dies at 63

09 December 2018

Pete Shelley, lead singer for iconic punk band The Buzzcocks, has died at age 63. The musician died in Estonia, where he was living.

Pete Shelley's seminal song Ever Fallen in Love (with Someone you Shouldn't've) is revered as an anthem of the punk generation, a forlorn cry from the heart of unrequited emotion tightly packaged into a punchy melody. Tributes from across the music world have poured in to honour Shelley's legacy including Ray Davies of The Kinks, Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins & Peter Hook of New Order.

United States rockers the Pixies tweeted "RIP Pete Shelley" while Simply Red frontman Mick Hucknall wrote "Thank you Buzzcocks' punk pop icon Pete Shelley for changing my life for the better in 1976".

Among the many tributes starting to pour in on social media, Tim Burgess of Charlatans UK had this to say: "Pete Shelley wrote ideal three minute pop songs".

Teenage Fanclub singer Norman Blake tweeted how important Shelley's songs had been in his youth, and remained so today.

Shelley was born in Leigh and formed Buzzcocks in Bolton in 1975 with Howard Devoto.

Fine Young Cannibals, Pete Yorn and France's Nouvelle Vague are among many other bands to have released cover versions of The Buzzcocks' 1978 hit. His final full-length album was Cinema Music and Wallpaper Sounds, a solo album released back in 2016.

Campbell can be seen with his arms by his side and his body erect imitating what it would be like at one of the Buzzcocks' concerts during the punk era.

The Buzzcocks were part of the punk revolution which began in England in the mid-1970s and also featured such groups as the Sex Pistols and the Clash.

"Thank you, Pete, for all the great words and music". "What I will always hold dear to my heart is how supportive, gracious, and encouraging Pete and his band were", he wrote on Instagram.

Buzzcocks Leader Pete Shelley Dies at 63