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Red Sox RHP Eovaldi signs four-year deal

08 December 2018

The Red Sox officially announced Nathan Eovaldi's four-year contract on Thursday night, welcoming back into the fold their most unlikely postseason hero.

Boston lost the game when Eovaldi surrendered an 18th-inning home run to Max Muncy, but his performance inspired his teammates.

It's not hard to find reason for caution with Nathan Eovaldi's new contract with the Boston Red Sox. He went from LA to the Miami Marlins to the Yankees, then he signed a contract with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2017 and then was traded to the Red Sox midway through last season as the team was looking to solidify their rotation in hopes of a title. The New York Yankees reportedly were interested in Eovaldi but did not want to go past three years on a deal.

At the premiere of the Red Sox's 2018 season highlight video, Eovaldi got the biggest cheers when his name was mentioned, with the crowd chanting "Bring him back!" He contributed greatly to the Red Sox World Series championship, as he pitched to just a 1.61 ERA during the postseason. The issue, however, is that Eovaldi's dominant run is far from the norm for his career, and he's had arm issues to boot.

It comes as no surprise that Eovaldi is using his strong 2018 campaign to attempt to command a four-year deal. Following the trade, he went 2-0 against the Yankees with a 0.39 ERA in four starts against NY including his win in Game 3 of the ALDS. Eovaldi looks to slot alongside Chris Sale, David Price, Rick Porcello, and Eduardo Rodriguez, to once again form a scary rotation and one of the tops in baseball.

Red Sox RHP Eovaldi signs four-year deal