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Israel calls for global response to Hezbollah tunnels

08 December 2018

The IDF announced the launch of "Operation Northern Shield" on Tuesday, saying its goal was to "expose and neutralize cross-border attack tunnels dug by Hezbollah" under the Israel-Lebanon border.

The confirmation by the United Nations came a day after Lebanon said Israel presented no evidence to prove its claims of a network of attack tunnels allegedly built by Hezbollah.

In a diplomatic effort to explain the threat Israel is facing and why it may have to attack Lebanon, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu briefed more than a dozen ambassadors on the situation in the north.

In his call with Guterres, Netanyahu's office said he urged the UN Chief to strongly condemn Hezbollah for violating Israel's sovereignty and the ceasefire reached in UN Security Council Resolution #1701.

The UN mission, known as UNIFIL, said its regular weekly meeting with the Lebanese and Israeli armies discussed Israel's "activities" searching for suspected tunnels.

In Lebanon, the LBC TV posted an audio message that it said some residents of the border village of Kfar Fila received on their cellphones Thursday warning them to stay away from tunnels.

Some in Lebanon have questioned the IDF's tunnel claims despite a number of images and footage released by Israel purportedly documenting the sophisticated 6-by-6-foot underground passageway.

Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri
Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri

The IDF located a second Hezbollah terror tunnel and called on the LAF and UNIFIL to destroy it.

"We are aware of additional tunnels", he said.

Israel has not detailed how many tunnels have been detected, although Cornicus on Thursday said the army was working in three different areas along the border.

Netanyahu said Thursday that Hezbollah, like Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip, was acting on behalf of its patron Iran. Earlier in the week, the Israeli leader said that he asked U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to consider slapping new U.S. sanctions on the Iranian proxy.

Iran envoy Hook told the Free Beacon that despite protestations from some European governments about the implementation of harsh new US sanctions on Iran last month, European companies have been more than willing to go along with the Trump administration in order to avoid penalties.

Asked about European allies, particularly Germany and France, who are plotting methods to skirt the US sanctions, Hook said the United States is uniquely placed to enforce the new sanctions. He confidently asserted that when Israel is done with the tunnels, they "will no longer exist and will no longer be effective". They told the IDF about it.

The Zionist regime is aware of the unsafe changes in the conflict rules with the resistance group in Gaza, Lebanon and Syria, and it knows too well that in the case of war, the three resistance groups will unite against their common enemy.

Israel calls for global response to Hezbollah tunnels