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Google Says Goodbye to Allo

08 December 2018

Duo now has the option to leave video messages as well.

Google Duo, its video calling app, was also mentioned in the post, but nothing is changing in this instance. For active users of the program have been published with detailed instructions to export the history messages after the specified period are deleted from the servers of the Corporation.

As Google has done with previous platforms and services, it starts them up to learn the ins and outs until eventually Google applies what it learned from the failed product into a new one.

Suggesting that Google's messaging strategy remains a work in progress, the tech titan just confirmed plans to shutter Allo.

For the dustbin: Hangouts Classic and Allo. In a way, this should provide some clarity on the current state of Google's messaging app ecosystem and which apps you'll want to pay the most attention to. Google has a habit of waiting until people get comfortable with a new app or service, then letting it languish for a few years, and finally killing it.

It's dead Jim. After a rumour filled week, Google has finally chose to get ahead of the rumour mill, announcing their plans to kill off Allo, as well as re-iterate their plans for Hangouts Classic.

Google has found itself with an overwhelming number of messaging options as it seems to throw stuff at the wall, see what sticks and call it spaghetti.

Regarding Hangouts Meet, the company recently launched the ability to organize meetings with up to 100 participants, making it easier for businesses to use. Google describes Messages' development as having "continued momentum", the reason for its decision to end Allo altogether.

After "pausing investment" in its smart messaging app Allo back in April, Google has now announced that it will stop supporting Allo altogether.

Google Allo vs. iMessage: Which one does it best? As 9to5Google's report today notes, the entire Allo team has moved over to work on Android Messages and been working over the last several months to bring over most of Allo's features.

Allo was supposed to be a smarter messaging app, and came integrated with the Google Assistant as well.

Google Says Goodbye to Allo