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Google boots Cheetah Mobile, Kika apps after fraud allegations

07 December 2018

Google LLC's cross-platform mobile app software development framework Flutter is finally ready for primetime following months of testing that began with its beta release earlier this year. The fraud scheme, which Google calls 'install attribution abuse', involves a developer claiming a share of the revenue generated by app downloads despite playing no role in guiding users to install the app.

Google has kicked out Cheetah Mobile's CM File Manager and Kika Tech's Kika Keyboard from the Play Store after an internal investigation revealed that those apps were involved in 'deceptive and malicious behavior'.

Since its launch in beta last February, Flutter has been used by early adopters to create hundreds of lovely applications. Flutter could, perhaps, do the same for Google and Google Cloud.

Recently bumped up to Dart 2.1, Google's open source language is characterized by the company as having clear and concise syntax, simple tooling, fast performance enabled by ahead-of-time compilation, suitability for reactive programming, familiar object orientation syntax and structure, and portability (can compile to ARM and x86 code, or JavaScript for the Web).

"Developers are forced to choose between either building the same app multiple times for multiple operating systems, or to accept a lowest common denominator solution that trades native speed and accuracy for portability", he said. They include an "Add to App" feature that makes it easy to integrate Flutter with existing applications, plus "Platform Views", which is used to embed an Android or iPhone platform control in a Flutter app. The platform takes advantage of Google's Skia 2D graphics engine that helps run Chrome and Android as well. "With stateful hot reload, you can make changes to the code of your app and see the results instantly without restarting your app or losing its state", Sneath said.

While Google has always welcomed competition, diversity, and choice in the world-dominant Android ecosystem the search giant established around a decade ago, finding a solid Play Store alternative (outside of China) is still virtually impossible for users interested in both quality apps and mobile security.

"I was blown away by the speed of all the animations and transitions in production builds". TikTok got a shoutout for being the Most Entertaining App, and Unfold - Create Stories won the Best Hidden Gems title.

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Google boots Cheetah Mobile, Kika apps after fraud allegations