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Supreme Court rejects environmental challenge to border wall

06 December 2018

President Trump is demanding $5 billion for the wall, but top Democratic leaders say they can't support that level of money.

President Trump has been locked in a fight with Democrats in Congress over the funding for the president's plans for a wall along the US-Mexico border. The border wall construction could potentially harm plants, wildlife habitats, and many coastal species.

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-Louisiana, predicted that Democrats would be blamed for any shutdown, though Trump has repeatedly threatened to shut down the government over wall funding. He has said he is willing to endure a partial government shutdown if Congress fails to provide for border security in a spending bill.

The latest report suggests that congressional leaders, including Republican leaders, will propose and soon vote on a two-week stopgap funding bill that will fund the government through December 21; conservatives worry that such a tight deadline before Christmas will make it hard to secure $5 billion in border wall funding.

The company behind foul-mouthed party game, Cards Against Humanity, have bought part of the U.S. border in an effort to stop Trump building a wall.

Mexico has rejected Trump's demand that it pay for the wall.

"If [lawmakers] come, which they have, to talk about an extension because of President Bush's passing, I would absolutely consider it and probably give it", Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One on Saturday night. He held that the Department of Homeland Security should get wide discretion on border security issues and that the Trump administration did not abuse this discretion in proceeding with constructing border wall prototypes. That law also limited the kinds of legal challenges that could be mounted.

The two-week delay means lawmakers have more time to haggle over the presidential push to allocate $5 billion for a border wall. In denying the petition, the high court refusedMonday to hear the groups' appeal.

The groups have said that giving the federal government unfettered power to waive applicable laws and limit judicial oversight is ripe for abuse.

Shelby said the current offer doesn't include any incentives, like a long-term extension of the Violence Against Women Act or the chance to vote on a bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller, to entice Democrats to accept the increased wall funding.

President Trump and first lady Melania Trump on Tuesday will offer their condolences to the "wonderful" Bush family during a private visit to the Blair House on Tuesday, the president announced by tweet.

Supreme Court rejects environmental challenge to border wall