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Singapore passport second in new ranking, behind UAE

05 December 2018

"The achievement coincides with "Year of Zayed" & UAE's 47th National Day, adding to UAE's numerous accomplishments in various domains", the Dubai Media Office tweeted.

The UAE, under the leadership of President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, has surpassed all expectations after accomplishing this achievement.

In the world passport index, Pakistan ranks at the 92nd spot.

Sheikh Abdullah said the achievement was "a true reflection of the legacy of Sheikh Zayed, the Founding Father of the UAE".

New Zealand enjoys visa free-travel to 112 countries, with automatic entry visas granted by 50 further countries on arrival.

The foreign Ministry of the UAE noted that this success was achieved "positive diplomacy".

Passport of the United Arab Emirates took first place in the annual rating of the Passport Index.

It was also ranked behind the passports of eight Asian countries and territories - United Arab Emirates (ranked first globally), Singapore (2nd), South Korea (3rd), Japan (4th), Malaysia (7th), Hong Kong (13th), Israel (16th) and Brunei (17th). The U.S passport moves up three places from previous year and is joint third and the United Kingdom remains joint fourth.

Meanwhile, the countries at the bottom of the rankings in last place was Afghanistan, with 29 visa-free countries, though this was an increase of seven countries compared to the previous ranking. Authors of the Passport Index divided all passports into 93 groups.

This information is obtained from the Passport Index.

Lagging far behind Taiwan is Communist China's passport, which ranks a lowly 58on the index, with only 75 countries allowing its citizens visa-free entry.

Through this achievement, the freedom of movement to many countries of the world is added to the list of what the UAE offers its citizens.

The positive impacts for ease of travelling are not only making it possible for UAE nationals to travel freely for tourism, but also have economic, developmental and even humanitarian benefits by facilitating trade and economic investment for individuals and institutions.

Singapore passport second in new ranking, behind UAE