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Rudy Giuliani has no idea how the internet works

05 December 2018

There, you can find many, many articles about Mueller's Russian Federation investigation and the Trump-related discoveries thereof. It meant Giuliani was unintentionally linking to the anti-Trump message. "Certainly, something that [Giuliani] would not want to be linked from his tweet". Others took note, per the Post, including Alyssa Milano and former Mexican president Vicente Fox, who tweeted "whoever is behind the, is a godd-- genius".

But the former Mayor of New York City is catching some flak for complaining about how Twitter "allowed someone to invade (his) text with a disgusting anti-President message", revealing to anyone with a basic understanding of how Twitter works, that Mr. Giuliani is...not someone with a basic understanding of how Twitter works.

Automatic hyperlink generation, coupled with the ingenuity of netizens, played a dirty trick on the U.S. president's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who went on a rant against Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Twitter.

It's one thing to question Twitter's practice of banning users for breaking their terms of service, like many on the right have done, but it's an entirely different matter to claim that Twitter is anti-Trump because your own carelessness caused you to literally type in a URL, which Twitter rightfully turned into a link.

Many were eager to point out the accusation's flaws, drawing attention to Giuliani's cybersecurity background.

Echoing a common cry - sometimes made by Trump himself - that Silicon Valley's digital giants are biased against Conservative voices, Giuliani suggested that Twitter had done this deliberately.

The website involved appears to have been set up by a marketing director based in Atlanta, Georgia, who acted within hours of the tweet being posted.

As is wont to happen on the Internet, some internet savvy person saw the creation of this link and a golden opportunity to troll Giuliani and the Trump administration. "Either I affect what his message is, or I affect what his message is".

Rudy Giuliani has no idea how the internet works