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Michelle Obama's advice for Meghan Markle: 'Don't be in a hurry'

04 December 2018

"It's not always enough to lean in, because that shit doesn't work all the time", Obama said in response to the "lean In' mantra made famous by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg in her book by the same title. It's not always enough to "lean in" because that s-t doesn't work".

"There's so much opportunity to do good with a platform like that - and I think Meghan can maximise her impact for others, as well as her own happiness, if she's doing something that resonates with her personally".

Perhaps Sandberg should take Obama's advice to heart and lean out for a bit. "And I'm like, duh, marriage is hard, it is hard".

She added: "The person whose job it was to help young people reach their dreams, she saw me and whatever she saw in me told me that my dreams were too high".

Becoming, is about Obama's life from her childhood, growing up on the Southside of Chicago, through her historic White House years. She died in 2008, the year before he took office.

Throw on top of that the constant media spotlight on her family, as well as rumours of a "rift" between her and Kate, which saw the palace respond with a statement this week. "You don't have room to make mistakes", she said.

Both Obama and Markle both share a special interest in women and girls and equality.

"So oftentimes, it's not equal, and you feel a bit resentful about it".

"I didn't believe America was ready for a black president", she told a sold-out crowd at the London Royal Festival Hall stop of her Becoming book tour.

Speaking after the event, Winnie, who had been on stage interviewing Mrs Obama, told the Gazette: "I was so nervous beforehand but speaking to her just made us feel so comfortable".

Michelle Obama said she fully backed her husband Barack Obama's presidential campaign in 2008 because she thought he had no chance of winning.

"I'm back now", Obama said, smiling and looking a bit sheepish. In a 2015 essay, New York Magazine contributing editor Lisa Miller explained how the labor force's unkind treatment of women affects not only older workers, but also young, ambitious professionals looking for role models.

"People are like, 'Oh, why'd she talk about marriage counseling?' I'm like, 'Duh.' Marriage is hard, you know".

She also advised the audience not to rush into it. "Marriage is a lot of work, and it should be. It's two independent individuals who are trying to come together to build a life forever".

Michelle Obama's advice for Meghan Markle: 'Don't be in a hurry'