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Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition

03 December 2018

Shootout and Team Shootout are classic gunfight modes that give you and/or your team unlimited lives and a time in which to rack up the most kills.

If Red Dead Online's beta proves successful, it will offer Rockstar and publisher Take-Two Interactive yet another reason to celebrate.

The day has finally arrived, Red Dead Online is officially available now for Ultimate Edition owners and in a matter of hours for those who bought the game on launch day.

An honorable gunslinger may be asked to help escort a convoy, defending it from attacking gangs or even other players' Posses, whereas a dishonorable outlaw may be asked to help spring a felon from the law.
There were a number of reports Tuesday that players who had purchased the Ultimate Edition couldn't log on.

You will be able to explore the Red Dead world on your own or with friends.

Red Dead Redemption 2's online highly-anticipated multiplayer portion, Red Dead Online, has been launching throughout the week. You can access this by pressing left on the d-pad on either the Xbox One or PS4. Then try relaunching the game and it will most probably fix the issue for you as reported by many players. These choices you make will affect your honor in Red Dead Online which impacts how the world responds to you and the missions available to you. There is a caveat though, as Rockstar has now warned players that some progress made during the beta may not carry over. Again, Rockstar hasn't confirmed the exact time the Red Dead Online beta goes live, but the pattern seems to indicate sometime around 8:30 a.m. EST.

How Do You Join the Red Dead Online Beta?

Red Dead Redemption 2 earned a 9/10 in GameSpot's review, with Kallie Plagge saying it "is an excellent prequel, but it's also an emotional, thought-provoking story in its own right, and it's a world that is hard to leave when it's done". Naturally, the play area gradually shrinks, like any good BR mode.

Red Dead Online's honour also comes into play for the Land of Opportunities missions. However, the higher up the table you are, the more points everyone else gets for killing you.

Demonstrate your personal speciality in this free-for-all or team-based match: the trickier the weapon you use to land the killing blow, the more points you get.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Ultimate Edition