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F3 driver Floersch vows to return after injury

21 November 2018

In an operation that lasted almost 10 hours, contradicting earlier reports, bone from the teenager's hip was used to help fix the vertebrae in her back.

'At the accident were really nice people, which I still have in my mind.

Initial prognosis for Floersch's recovery were promising following surgery, with her team principal Frits van Amersfoort telling the BBC World Service, "There's no fear of paralysis whatsoever" after the fix of the spinal fracture. Thank you for all the encouraging, calming words in these tough minutes in my vehicle.

Team owner Frits van Amersfoort estimated she was travelling at 276kmh (171.6mph).

"The worst thing was the twenty minutes in which we did not know anything, I will not forget that my whole life", he said, adding: "(She) had an angel on the shoulder, because it could have been much worse".

Chan Wai Sin, chief medical officer of the Macau Grand Prix, said two photographers and one track marshal were also injured in the crash and taken to hospital for treatment. I'm going to come back!btw.

He added that Japanese racer Sho Tsuboi, who was apparently protected by his safety arc or halo when Floersch's vehicle hurtled into him, had been discharged, along with a photographer. Two photographers at the corner were also taken to hospital - Chan Weng Wang sustained a liver laceration and is expected to remain in hospital for another 10 days, while Hiroyuki Minami suffered a concussion and has since been released. She's okay, although she did fracture her spine.

"Luckily enough winter is now beginning so she will have time to recover and I am quite sure that she will be back". (By the way) Dallara built a very good chassis'.

"We have not yet spoken about whether she will race again - it is too soon for that - but from my point of view there is nothing I would do to stop her", he told Britain's Daily Mail newspaper.

Floersch offered an update on her condition via Facebook on Tuesday and thanked those who had supported her since Sunday.

Floersch sent out a "real big thanks" to the hospital's medical staff, the local rescue team, and her professional partners, Mercedes, component builder HWA AG and the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FiA).

Miraculously, she emerged relatively unharmed, with her race team confirming that she was at no risk of paralysis.

F3 driver Floersch vows to return after injury