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High Court rejects Rebel Wilson's bid for appeal

17 November 2018

Outside the court, the Australian star told reporters "the whole reason for bringing this case is that I really wanted to stand up to a bully, which was Bauer Media".

"I'm so proud of myself that I did that and saw it out right until the bitter end".

The actor speaks to the media in Canberra after the high court refused special leave for her to appeal against the withdrawal of nearly 90% of her record $4.7m defamation payout against Bauer Media.

The actress lost her final bid to reclaim the payout for the defamation case.

Wilson, 38, sued Bauer Media, publisher of Australian Women's Weekly and Woman's Day, claiming articles appearing in the magazine defamed her as a liar, which she alleged harmed her reputation and cost her acting jobs.

During her defamation trial in the Victorian Supreme Court previous year, Wilson proved journalists from Bauer had painted her a serial liar about her real name, age and childhood in order to make it in Hollywood.

Bauer appealed the award and a court earlier this year ordered Wilson to return A$4.1 million of the damages.

She now has to pay back millions to the High Court of Australia as a result.

But this June the amount was reduced by 90 percent after the magazine's publishers, Bauer Media, appealed.

"Bauer Media is invested in its Australian business now more than ever", Bauer chief executive Paul Dykzeul said in a statement.

Justice John Dixon awarded the Los Angeles-based star a record-breaking Australian damages payout.

The High Court of Australia dismissed Wilson's bid to review the compensation.

"Today was just about a small point of special damages and to me it was never about the money, it was about standing up to a bully.

At the end of the day that's what matters", she said. I never thought I would be here and it's such an fantastic experience to go through, and unbelievable that I won the case.

High Court rejects Rebel Wilson's bid for appeal