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Woman's mid-air rant after 'being refused glass of wine' on plane

16 November 2018

Air India says their crew acted appropriately given the situation.

The action of the woman prompted the airline to file a police case against her, an official said.

A video of the incident happened on the November 10 Air India flight AI-131 has gone viral over the social media showing the woman abusing the crew members and even spitting at them after being denied more alcohol. The video of the incident, recorded by another crew member, shows the woman using expletives several times at the airline staff.

NDTV reported that she was arrested after the flight landed at Heathrow airport in London.

'The f***ing Rohingyas, the f***ing people of all Asia, for you, I'm an worldwide criminal lawyer. According to reports, she also spat at him at some point before directing her anger at a woman crew member. She keeps claiming she's an "international criminal lawyer", as if that's supposed to convince them to give her more alcohol. According to several reports, O'Broin was irate that she was denied more alcohol and also told she can not smoke on board the aircraft.

She also appears to threaten the crew on behalf of the IRA, adding: "So, you think I'm scared when you threaten me with lawyers?" Don't get any money for it, by the way.

She said, "I'm working for all your people".

She goes on to claim she does her work for free and clarifies that all she's looking for is a "f***ing glass of wine". "If I say boycott Air India, done!" she said to the decidedly calm pilot. One of the flight attendants got it on video.

In another video, the woman continues her rant, this time berating other passengers in business class.

WARNING: Clip contains extremely graphic language.

"I turn you f-king inside out, you f-king stupid c-t".

Airline crew on long haul flights have a tough job as it is, but abusive passengers can make an already stressful time much worse for all on board, as was the case in a freakish, alcohol-fuelled rant caught on camera last week.

Woman's mid-air rant after 'being refused glass of wine' on plane