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Trump Thanks Rubio For Exposing Broward 'Election Theft'

10 November 2018

Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes was being sued by Florida Gov. Rick Scott's senate campaign and the National Republican Senatorial Committee for alleged "incompetence" because she has not formally announced how many votes were left to count.

"Senator Nelson hired one of Hillary Clinton's lawyers from D.C., and the first thing he did was tell reporters that he is here to win the election", Scott said Thursday night.

Snipes's attorneys told the judge during Friday's emergency court hearing that their client would gladly release all records once the counting process concluded, and argued that forcing her to do so immediately would interfere with her ability to finalize the count in a timely manner.

"There are a significant number of ballots that have not yet been counted", Elias said.

Scott described the vote count coming out of Broward as "left-wing activists ... coming up with more ballots out of nowhere".

That could change however, as ballots continue to be counted in Broward, which is Florida's second largest and one of its most Democratic counties where 1.2 million people are registered to vote.

In the Senate contest that Scott was running in, Democrat Bill Nelson was trailing by "about 15,000 votes, a margin of 0.18 points".

Following Elias' call with reporters, the Scott campaign - which filed a lawsuit against Broward and Palm Beach counties over public records he claimed weren't provided to his campaign - shot back, calling today's legal filing by the Nelson campaign "desperate".

In speaking with Florida Politics, Murphy laid out how he discovered his vote would not be counted. Under Florida law, a recount is mandatory if the winning candidate's margin is less than 0.5 percentage points.

Clearly, Rick Scott is trying to stop all the votes from being counted and he's impeding the democratic process. The county's then-elections supervisor, Democrat Theresa LePore, wanted to make the 10 presidential candidates' names bigger on the ballot so senior citizens could read them.

Scott said he was ordering an official investigation into his own race. He added that there may be two other races beside the Senate contest that may fall within the recount margin - the elections for governor and agriculture commissioner.

The tight races underscored Florida's status as a perennial swing state where elections are often decided by the thinnest of margins.

Trump inserted himself into both races, casting doubt on the ongoing vote tallies in those states as well as in Georgia, where thousands of absentee, provisional and other uncounted ballots could shift the outcomes.

While the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said Friday there had been no allegations of fraud, Scott asked - but did not order - the agency to investigate the counties' elections departments for possible fraud.

Voting in the 2018 General Election concluded November 6, 2018.

"I am considering every single legal option available", Scott said while appearing before the media outside the governor's mansion in an event held by his campaign. The race has tightened since Gillum conceded Tuesday night to Republican Ron DeSantis. We all know what is going on ... Nelson has not yet conceded to Scott, who now leads by less than 0.2 percent with ballots across the state still uncounted.

Trump Thanks Rubio For Exposing Broward 'Election Theft'