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Delhi bans trucks as megacity chokes

10 November 2018

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh: The monitoring centre at Talkatora District Industrial Centre in the capital city of Uttar Pradesh recorded literally the worst air in India this morning with an Air Quality Index score of 430 - categorised as "Severe".

Delhi's air quality is expected to remain in this category over the next two days as the smoke emitted by fire crackers has slowed down the process of pollutant dispersion, the agency said.

Air quality readings showed very poor and severe levels which, over a long period, can lead to respiratory illness.

Mumbai Mirror conducted a pollution test drive and joined volunteers of Aawaz Foundation to see how noisy the city was and Urban Sciences employee Naved Nakadar to check the air quality this Diwali.

The Hyderabad Police on Thursday said that they have registered 71 cases on persons in various places of the city for bursting firecrackers after 10 pm on the occasion of Diwali yesterday. Till November 10, construction activities have already been stopped and trucks, except those carrying essential goods, have been barred from entering the city.

The concentration of PM2.5 and PM10 had increased from 50 per cent to 70 per cent last night, indicating an increased share of locally-generated firecracker emissions, SAFAR said.

A thick cloud of toxic smog almost 10 times the recommended limit continued to envelop Delhi on Friday as the air quality deteriorated and was. recorded under "hazardous" category.

On Thursday, the PM2.5 level was recorded at 492 gm-3, more than eight times the permissable limit. This air will seriously affect those with ailments, according to a SAFAR advisory.

Last month, in a bid to control pollution, the Supreme Court allowed the use of "green" firecrackers for Diwali but only if they were let off between 8-10 pm.

This would have given time to traders to procure licences to sell green firecrackers, Sadar Nishkarm Welfare Association, president, Harjit Singh Chabbra, said. On Friday, the AQI was recorded at 421, which falls in the "severe" category, according to the the Central Pollution Control Board.

Senior Delhi Police officials admitted "sporadic" breaches of the top court's order on bursting crackers beyond the 8pm to 10pm time frame fixed by it.

Delhi bans trucks as megacity chokes