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Trump Disses Michelle Obama's Memoir Comments, Says He'll Never Forgive Barack

09 November 2018

In her memoir set to come out soon, Obama wrote that Trump's support for the conspiracy theory that her husband, former President Barack Obama, was born outside the US was "crazy and mean-spirited", and rooted in bigotry. She said she would "never forgive" Trump for advocating the crypto-racist "birtherism" claims that her husband was not born in the US. A fact check from the New York Times previous year notes that "The military budget did shrink slightly during the Obama administration as the United States pulled out of combat operations, and because of the budget restrictions imposed by Congress known as sequestration".

"I'll never forgive him for what he did in many other ways", Trump continued.

He added that he would never forgive her husband Barack Obama "for what he did to our United States military".

The book, which is set to release on November 13, details the her early life in Chicago all the way through to her time as First Lady, and includes her feelings of shock and disbelief following Trump's election in 2016.

She writes that they met with a counselor "a handful of times", and she came to realize that she was more "in charge" of her happiness than she had realised.

In the book, which will be released on November 13, Obama reveals that she assumed Trump was "grandstanding" when he announced his presidential run in 2015.

"The whole [birther] thing was insane and mean-spirited, of course, its underlying bigotry and xenophobia hardly concealed", she writes, in excerpts of the book published by ABC News and The Washington Post.

As the first black first lady, she knew she would be labeled "other" and would have to earn the aura of "grace" given freely to her white predecessors. He has a wife, he has young daughters, they felt like there were real consequences there, and I tie it to our colleague Tucker Carlson.

"We had to do IVF", she told ABC, in excerpts of an interview that will air in full on Sunday. "And we get help with our marriage when we need it".

She also can't believe so many women voted for a "misogynist" after all Trump has said.

Obama also recounts how her "body buzzed with fury" after hearing Trump's candid lewd comments about grabbing women. She says Trump followed Clinton around the stage, stood too close, and tried to diminish her presence.

Mrs. Obama called the conspiracy "crazy and mean-spirited", and said it endangered her family.

Trump Disses Michelle Obama's Memoir Comments, Says He'll Never Forgive Barack