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The midterms show Trump might not get re-elected in 2020

10 November 2018

When they asked how the Trump Organization arrived at the $151,470 in profits it paid back to the Treasury for foreign stays at his hotels, they got silence.

President Donald Trump urged Democrats on Wednesday to "put partisanship aside" as he bluntly warned them against using their newfound control of the US House of Representatives to tie up his administration in investigations. "I think it's very bad for our country".

Given the really bad night the GOP had in the northern part of the United States, that no longer appears to be true, which is a highly problematic development for him and his party.

"They refused to let anyone shut them up or stand in their way, and that is how real change begins", she added. The question is, will these leaders go there?

Pelosi, who is likely to return as House speaker despite opposition from some centrist Democrats, promised that the party will serve as a counterweight - but also work with Trump. The first is the power of partisanship, and the second is the power of whiteness. She wants to get things done.

We know what happened after 1982 and 1962.

Pelosi points to her work with President George W. Bush on a major energy bill, even as she vigorously opposed him on the war in Iraq.

For instance, in the northwestern Pennsylvania congressional seat defended by four-term Republican Rep. Mike Kelly, turnout in heavily Democratic Erie County barely broke 50 percent. But 2010 - a historic wave year for Republicans - brought a seismic shift. Subsequent clashes over spending, health care, and immigration precipitated near fiscal crises and partial government shut-downs, eventually forcing GOP leaders from office.

'He lost the House of Representatives but this was expected and the Democrats did not make the massive gains that some were expecting.

McConnell also echoed Trumps' warnings on investigations, saying: "The Democrats in the House will have to decide just how much presidential harassment they think is good strategy". "It's about new faces".

Eyes are on Rep. Richard Neal of MA, who is now the senior Democrat on the powerful Ways and Means Committee and will become its chairman in January. And we had newcomers going in. He threw himself into the campaign, issuing warnings about a caravan of Latin American migrants headed to the border with Mexico and condemnations of liberal American "mobs" he says oppose him.

With the House victory, Democrats will take over committees, giving them the power to hold hearings, call witnesses and issue subpoenas to administration officials.

In the Miami area, former Clinton administration Cabinet member Donna Shalala won an open seat, while GOP Rep. Carlos Curbelo lost his bid for a third term in a nearby district.

After their victory, House Democrats are expected to try to harden U.S. policy toward Saudi Arabia, Russia and North Korea, while maintaining the status quo on hot-button areas like China and Iran.

About as many said they were at least somewhat concerned about men not being given the opportunity to defend themselves against allegations of sexual misconduct. On legislative prospects, Trump said he could potentially work with Democrats on issues such as taxes, infrastructure and health care, saying it "really could be a lovely, bipartisan type of situation". But will Pelosi and her peers be able to resist the enormous pressure that will come from their base?

Her comments came a day after a gunman fatally shot 12 people with a Glock handgun at a bar hosting a college country music night in Thousands Oaks, California.

Sessions resigned Wednesday at the request of the president, who named Matt Whitaker as acting attorney general now overseeing the Russian Federation investigation instead of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Other subgroups of what Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg dubbed "America ascendant" have not moved as sharply to the Democrats. But Nadler has said he will not rush to drastic action, instead waiting for the outcome of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's federal probe.

"Keeping the Senate will allow the Republicans to maintain control over nominations".

Starting with the 2016 campaign, Trump broke with political tradition by repeatedly refusing to release his income tax filings. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee - expected to widen the ideological divide in the chamber. He said he is working with Congress, Turkey and Saudi Arabia on solving the killing, which took place in Istanbul.

Republicans were caught in the crossfire between Trump's unpopularity and the economy's strength, he said.

The midterms show Trump might not get re-elected in 2020