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Here is how you can play PUBG for free on Xbox One

09 November 2018

Originally, PUBG is available on Xbox for $29.99.

The game's icon and dashboard image was spotted on the PlayStation servers recently, which is a pretty good indicator that it's coming soon.

As Eurogamer have handily summed up, a number of incidents have led to the majority of the industry agreeing that the game is probably coming to PlayStation in time for the holidays.

Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad corroborated the rumor on the forum ResetEra, adding that it would be out in December.

With the series of leaks and data mine, it's not surprising if we see PUBG on PS4 anytime soon. PUBG's PC player numbers have dropped quite a bit, with most players now seemingly Chinese mobile ones.

Play PUBG on Xbox One for free this weekend during the Free Play Days For All event running from November 8 to 11. It only remains to wait for confirmation by the developers of PUBG, until then players will look forward to having this incredible Battle Royale on their PS4 consoles.

Fans are speculating that the game would release in December, one year after PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds debut on Xbox. And if you have the Xbox One and wish to try out the sensational hit PlayerUnknown's Battleground (that is PUBG), this might be your chance. With it releasing on the Xbox One last Christmas, it has had a little revival, but one of the biggest omissions from the "console" market to date is the PS4. PUBG has yet to be officially announced for PS4, of course, but a recent Korean board rating indicated that the port is in the works. Additional insights from Stream Labs have shown that the number of hours streamers have spent playing PUBG has dipped by over 30 percent while Fortnite's hours have spiked by 128 percent.

Here is how you can play PUBG for free on Xbox One