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A Day in the Life of a Red Dead Redemption 2 NPC

09 November 2018

In terms of scope and achievement, the game is a masterpiece praised by both critics and gamers. After all, where's the fun without a hiccup or two in the game?

Dressed in a long black dress with a "Votes for Women" sash, the suffragette walks around the map demanding the players "Let me Vote".

"You could take this small portion of the game, stretch it to full AAA game length, charge me $60 for it, and I'd pre-order it with a season pass", said user Silly Goose.

In a report via Eurogamer, however, people dislike the character so much that they've actually been sending him abusive messages.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Colm said he doesn't even have a PlayStation or Xbox, adding: 'I find the whole thing kinda amusing, but the messages are starting to get annoying. As you can imagine though, while some messages are amusing, others are just plain weird. "A little part of me worries that some of these people are so emotionally invested in the game that they're starting to lose perception of what's real and what isn't". Arthur Morgan will ultimately go down as one of the finest video game protagonists of the generation, and the time spent with Dutch's Gang - replete with crooks, cooks, and colourful characters, spanning all walks of life - provided a fascinating insight into one of this decade's biggest gaming mysteries. Just days after the release, one YouTuber with the username Shirrako uploaded a video of his character walking up to the character and beating her unconscious. It also does not help that the game's user-interface (UI) is often unintuitive, over-complicated and requires a major learning curve.

A Day in the Life of a Red Dead Redemption 2 NPC