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Jose Mourinho suspected City 'years ago' amid FFP allegations

08 November 2018

"We want to do what we have to do in terms of the rules".

French Uefa president Michel Platini was the man behind FFP.

"I'm completely honest, I don't know what happen because I'm a manager".

And while the club have given only a short response to the allegations to date, on Tuesday boss Pep Guardiola insisted City's success is not exclusively down to the money they have spent. "We don't believe that's the only reason - we believe it's because we've worked hard".

As the leaks continue to emerge, the Spanish top flight, La Liga, have urged UEFA to take action against Manchester City as well as fellow Abu Dhabi owned club PSG, and have warned that they could take it to the European Union courts.

Der Spiegel also reports that City owner Sheikh Mansour provided monetary supplements to existing deals with sponsors in Abu Dhabi, where he is part of the royal family, to invest more money into the club.

"We certainly hope Uefa will take the right decisions and enforce Financial Fair Play rules, but we don't have full confidence that they will".

Some of City's sponsorship deals came under renewed scrutiny in Wednesday's instalment from Der Spiegel, which claimed that City remain sensitive to allegations of human rights abuse in the United Arab Emirates. In City's case, however, Fordham Sports Management is alleged to have done so - with City's Abu Dhabi owner reimbursing Fordham directly to the tune of £11m a year.

City achieved this spending more than 1 billion pounds ($1.3 billion) to win a first Premier League title in 2012.

In addition, Jose Mourinho has stated that he suspected Manchester City of these kinds of wrongdoings from several years. "I have thoughts from a few years ago but I keep the thoughts to myself, "he said at his pre-match press conference ahead of United's clash with Juventus on Wednesday".

Der Spiegel cited Man City documents in which officials wrote: "Without significant additional revenues".

In an internal memo seen by the magazine, Manchester City chief executive Ferran Soriano said: "We will need to fight [FFP] and do it in a way that is not visible, or we will be pointed out as the global enemies of football". "The most important will be Shakhtar, first because it is the next one and second because it is a final". It was supposedly used as a vehicle to disguise payments to players for the right to use their image in marketing campaigns.

Federation Internationale de Football Association have called for an investigation into City's financial dealings, but the club have strongly denied the accusations.

Der Spiegel said this helped turn nearly 30 million euros ($34 million) into revenue instead of a cost, for the objective of UEFA's investigation of club accounts.

Jose Mourinho suspected City 'years ago' amid FFP allegations